What is kiln dried firewood?

Fresh 'green' wood of ours on it's way to be processed and then Kiln dried
Firewood in our kiln, in the process of being kiln dried
  • Tired of bugs crawling around your house from your firewood? 
  • Tired of your fire not producing much heat?
  • Tired of wasting 30 minutes trying to start your fire up?
  • Tired of wasting money on kindling wood?
  • Tired of paying for wood that doesn't even burn well?

Have you experienced any of those problems? If so, you are experiencing symptoms from seasoned Wisconsin firewood! 

What does Kiln dried firewood mean?
Firewood is a huge deal in southeastern-Wisconsin and we know it! That is why we have decided to sell only kiln dried firewood. All of our Wisconsin firewood is loaded up into metal baskets and then placed into our firewood kiln which is then heated at over 200+ degrees, with all that heat (and some other science of the kiln is involved) our wood is on it's way to being dry! Our kiln is running 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days out of the year. Around every 72 hours we check the current batch of firewood in the kiln and check if the moisture content of the logs are 15%, if so we pull out the firewood and it is then Best Burn Firewood quality and ready to be sold!

The reason we have decided to kiln dry our firewood is because all firewood needs to sit for at least 9-12 months at minimum before it can burn well. If the wood is not dried for a year it will not burn, will be impossible to start and will be soaking wet on the inside causing your fire to actually go out. Firewood at minimum should be below 20% moisture before you attempt to burn it, that requires a good 12 months to even allow to to get near that moisture level. Most firewood companies and tree/landscaping companies around here split wood one month, and then will sell it to you the next month because they don't want to wait a year to sell it at a proper moisture level, which sucks for the customer!

It also does not help with Wisconsin's tough winters, you only have a couple months out of the year to allow yourself quality time for your wood to naturally air dry! This is horrible news for you the customer, and that is why we kiln dry our firewood and can do the seasoning process in 3-4 days! We get our moisture content down to below 15% which is impossible to achieve by air drying your firewood.

Take a look at this chart below to see why Best Burn Firewood's kiln dried firewood is the best in all of Wisconsin!

Kiln dried firewood vs. Non kiln dried firewood


Below is a video of Kiln dried firewood vs. non kiln dried firewood

Non kiln dried firewood is on the left  -  Kiln dried firewood is on the right